Google AdWords Vs Social Media Advertising: Which Will Work Best?


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In this project we helped LGV Limousines rank 4157 keywords in a short span of 3 months,  working on this project, while building strong authority and trust flow for the site.  Today, we continue to build and expand the site for LGV Limo.



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Facebook Advertising

What exactly is Facebook Ads? Facebook is an effective social networking platform for both businesses and individuals alike, and over 1.6 billion individuals worldwide are connected to a business on Facebook. In essence, Facebook advertising involves running and creating ad campaigns with the Facebook Ads Manager tool in order to reach your intended target audience according to their location, demographic, and information. The key to success when it comes to online advertising is targeting your audience effectively. Fortunately, you can use Facebook's wide range of tools and applications, like the Ad Manager, to help you achieve this goal.


One way to target an audience is to use targeted keywords in your advertisements. It's important that you carefully select the correct keywords when writing your advertising campaigns, otherwise you may only end up with ads that do not benefit your business. Facebook offers several keyword optimization options, including the ability to choose from thousands of keywords and synonyms for your ads. You can also increase your advertising success by choosing the best relevant ads for your business based on these keywords. For example, if your target demographic uses the phrase "pizza" a lot, then you may want to run ads related to pizza or food, including food reviews, recipes, discounts, or coupons.


Another way to target your audience is to create ads that include locations, places, or activities. With these types of ads, you can provide your audience with locations they can travel to, such as local pizza shops. You can also target ads based on areas of the city or state where you have storefronts, allowing users in a specific area to find you. Location targeting allows users to find you when someone searches for products or services similar to what they're looking for, which can greatly increase the effectiveness of your marketing efforts.


One thing you need to consider with digital marketing campaigns is lead generation. Lead generation is collecting information about leads, which is an important part of your advertising. For example, if you sell dog training products, one way you can attract new customers is to place an ad on a local news website asking for leads. On the other hand, if you run a restaurant that serves Chinese food, a lead generating campaign could be placing ads in Chinese language newspapers, magazines, or even on Chinese television channels. Digital marketing campaigns based on leads allow you to more effectively market to your customers.

YouTube Advertising.

YouTube is another highly effective advertising method for businesses that are trying to reach a broad audience. By posting videos to your website or YouTube channel, you can reach millions of viewers, many of whom may find your product or service very valuable. For example, if you're running a dog grooming business, a video explaining how to groom dogs might bring in new customers who already desire having their dogs groomed. In addition, users on YouTube may find your advertising video entertaining and informative.

Google Ads

Google's AdWords is also a great tool for advertising online. AdWords allows you to advertise online without spending a lot of money, allowing you to test various advertising techniques to determine which ones generate the most success. Google's retargeting feature is especially useful because it lets you advertise to individuals who have previously purchased from you before. This type of advertising is very effective in increasing your online sales conversion rate, since you spend less advertising money on people who haven't visited your website in a while.

Online Advertising

Online advertising campaigns can also benefit from using pay per click campaigns, which require advertisers to pay when a visitor clicks on their ads. An ad with a high cost will usually have a lower conversion rate than ads with lower prices. There are two types of pay per click campaigns: standard and contextual. With a standard PPC campaign, you can choose any keywords you want to focus on when generating ads. With a contextual campaign, you choose words or phrases that are relevant to your website. This ensures that only your visitors are exposed to your advertisements.

There are a number of different ways to boost your advertising revenue. Retargeting and contextual ads work well because they allow you to target visitors to your website based on previous purchases, making them more likely to purchase products from you in the future. Google's paid search feature, along with social networks, work well in drawing visitors to websites. These tools can all work together to help you increase your online sales revenue, whether you work at building a large advertising budget or simply make small advertising campaigns to increase exposure to your website.