Don't let bad credit be an excuse to prevent you from doing what you desire.

Our own thoughts are our worst enemy. We have obstacles we have to overcome in order to become successful. Rather it's in sports or business it's all the same. 

You can either overcome these obstacles that prevent you from achieving a goal you are after or you can simply give up, there really is no third option. Most people believe that you need a credit or some substantial amount of cash in order to start a business. Depending on the circumstances, with a rare exception, you most likely have everything needed to start your business today.

I found that a simple two-step program is required in order to move forward. Stop doing what you can't do, and stop doing what you don't know how to do. This will clear up a lot of the things keeping you walking around in circles.

According to Fox News, 68 million individuals have bad credit with a score of 601 or less. That's roughly 30% of the US population. I hope this helps you understand that you're not alone. 

I wrote a great article titled, "Mistakes", which describes the importance of being creative when it comes to a start-up and an existing business. 




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