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Best Practice To Use For Advertising.

How to start advertising without upfront capital? Get access to over $10,000.00+ in advertising as a head start without upfront capital.

As I have previously mentioned in my article, "You Don't Need To Be An Engineer To Start A Tech Business", I began the journey of building a tech business for 246.00 dollars. 

What about the capital for advertising? How can you reach customers with no capital to start with?

In early 2018, I discovered that I can have a head start with Google Ads to help me get the exposure I needed for my business. $1,400.00 to be specific. However, not only that, but I also got $600.00 in free Google Ads.

$2,000.00 can go a long way with Google Ads, however, if you don't know what you are doing with Google Ads, you will burn through that cash and find yourself in a limbo fast. 

Most people complain that Google isn't helpful with the setup of Google Ads. That is not necessarily true. Google does not know your business like you do, therefore it can only assist to a certain extent. There are a few twists and knobs that play a key factor in having a successful Google campaign. In order to have a successful Google campaign, you must put yourself in the seat of a customer not a business owner. 

The second great resource is Yelp Ads. I discovered with Yelp Ads, I can have access to over $8,000.00 in advertising, to begin with, with over $2,400.00 in free ads. That's a great head start if you ask me. However same as with Google Ads, for Yelp Ads same applies, if you don't know what you're doing you will find yourself in a limbo fast.

If you'd like to learn more about these special programs and offers that worked for me, visit the link home-based business, for more information.

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