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Beirut Blast Explosion Death Toll Rises By The Minute

Search for survivors continues after blast kills more than 100 individuals in Beirut, Lebanon.

In Beirut, the Lebanese capital, where an explosion so far killed more than 100 and leaving thousands homeless. Lebanese officials knew of the dangers by ammonium nitrate for years, according to public records, but they have failed to act.

Rescue workers are now on the search for thousands after the explosion happened on Wednesday morning in Beirut Lebanon. There are various videos available online showing just how devastating the explosion was. The large cloud of smoke was seen on many videos showing the burning fire right before the blast occurred in Beirut.

According to the public record yesterday the death toll was in 70s, while today the number is being reported to over 100 and thousands of individuals still injured.

The blast was so powerful it was felt as far as Cyprus and the sizming strength of the blast was compared to 3.5 magnitude earthquake.

Close to the waterfront where the initial explosion did occur was filled with a lot of different restaurants and also residential places which were damaged in the blast. A lot of the images show damages of the cars and how they were simply just crushed by the explosion.

This is something that was totally ignored and could have been prevented especially in since a dense area of population being positioned right by the Marina where many restaurants, shops and residences are located. This may be an event that Beirut may not recover for years to come.

Its been reported that over 3000 individuals are currently injured while the rescue team continues to search for survivors. There are many videos on Social Media available that are filmed by local residence and visitors that show videos capturing the aftermath of deadly explosion in Beirut, Lebanon.

About 2 miles around the initial blast wide range of maps online show that the area was simply leveled and that everything around that 2 mile blast radius in the explosion in Beirut was completely leveled.

This was a really bad timing for such thing to happen because while we already face chirses due to Covid-19 all around the world this is the last thing residence of Beirut needed right now. This poses a risk of increased number of cases for Covid-19 potentially too.

It is one of the most tragic days for Beirut to deal with right now and the devastating toll could be in hundreds if not thousands, and the search continues to help individuals in need. While local residences were effected by this explosion, many visitors have also been caught in aftermath and its been reported that some individuals traveling from outside of Lebanon have been injured as well.

200000+ individuals have been displaced from their residences while the search for rescue continues

The cause of the detonation is said to be caused by over 2000+ pounds ammonium nitrate.Ammonium nitrate is a chemical compound with the chemical formula NH ₄NO ₃. It is a white crystalline solid and is highly soluble in water. It is predominantly used in agriculture as a high-nitrogen fertilizer. On its own, ammonium nitrate is relatively safe to handle under normal circumstances.

The search for survivors has become very difficult at nighttime because the electrical power due to the explosion has been knocked down. Many individuals are still searching for the loved ones. No one was expecting for such event to happen and it's been reported that the problem was known but ignored. As more events unfold the more information will be available online.

Many are now questioning why such dangerous material was stores so close to the waterfront and also to such a high populated area where wide range of residences and stores are located. The city of Beirut has already been dealing with economic struggle and as the world is trying to conquer the Covid-19 issues, this has now added more of a problem and the issue to the economic crises in Beirut, Lebanon.

In 1921 similar event has happened that killed more then 400 individuals in ammonium nitrate caused explosion in Germany and since then there has been no recorded such events till this one in Beirut.

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