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How To Start An Online Business.

People are now more than ever searching how to start an online business.

If you landed on this page you are most likely searching for the answers on how to start an online business, however, you seem to constantly find yourself in a revolving loop reading hundreds of articles, and you have yet to start an online business yourself.

I've been there before myself.

My name is Mile Ivicic, I am the founder of LGV Limo, an online limousine service, and also this website you stumble upon.

I’ve successfully started an online limousine service providing limo and bus charter transportation nationwide with 246.00 dollars. Sounds like a tall order right? If you are looking for the answer on how to start an online business, it’s important to first define why you want to start one and how dedicated are you to starting one.

Most people use the word “easy” when teaching you about how to start an online business. Nothing is “easy”. Learning how to ride a bike for the first time, was it easy? Probably not, however, once you master the skill of riding the bike, then of course going for a bike ride is easy.

Can you start an online business with 246.00 dollars? I believe just about anyone can, but it takes some work. If you believe there is some automated system out there that will magically turn 246.00 dollars into 246 thousand dollars overnight, good luck with that.

Online business, is just like a stationary business and it should be treated as such, except your storefront is your website, and your payment processing machine is most likely all-around your house, instead of some commercial building.

The system that LGV Limo is built on can be applied to various different businesses. Think of a business system in the form of a car engine. You can take the engine out of just about any car and place it into another car. The engine serves one purpose and that is to make the vehicle move. Business systems are the same.
You’ve might of in the past purchased a course or a lesson that teaches you on how to start a business, and find yourself in a loop. Chances are it was a great idea but to start, it cost way more then you could afford.

Let’s factor in advertising costs alone, not to mention any other expenses associated with an online business.
So, how did I manage to do it? How did I start an online business? I can sell you a fairytale story on how great it is not to have a boss, the ability to work from anywhere, and how I just magically woke up one day and came up with this great business idea that became successful, but in reality I’ve been in the business world for 12+ years, and before LGV Limo (Est 2018), I started various business, including financing and producing a full feature film, running and operating residential and a commercial painting company, a cleaning company, travel agency and more.

Individuals who fail in starting an online business, in most cases with a rare exception, are not learning to build a strong foundation for their business first. Before a builder begins to build a building, they first look for solid ground to build their foundation on that can support that building.

What good is a car engine if you don’t know how to install the parts needed to make it work? It servers no purpose.

I started drafting a plan and building my own online business which today is LGV Limo, in late 2017. It took some time and research to find the right software, for operations and draft a solid foundation (plan), on operations of the business itself. It didn’t happen overnight.

Your online business has a storefront, just like a clothing store you go to, except your storefront is the home landing page of your website. Have you ever found yourself going to a store and when you saw the outside of it, you literally did not even bother going in? Then there was a store that you walked into and just walked out after the first isle? The inside of your store is your web page. Your about me page, your products and service pages, contact page etc. People fail to build their strong presence online, and just whip out something quick and call it a day. As I previously mentioned your online business is just like a stationary business and it should be treated as such, especially when you are a new kid on the block.

Logic Global Vision has been established by me to teach individuals on how to start their own online business from start to finish based on the system I’ve used to start a successful online business. We start with the basics, which is naming your business and incorporating your business, which most people skip and just create a DBA. You will learn both the customer and the contractor side of the business. How to get $10,000.00 or more in no upfront capital in advertising and much more.

How confident am I in the system? I back it with a 90-day money-back guarantee. Why 90 days? It should not take you longer than 90 days to learn the material and to establish your business if you follow the course step-by-step. This creates a timeline, something that most people neglect and never achieve the true success of owning an online business.

The course will also teach you how I transitioned from a full-time job to a full-time business ownership, which is one of the tasks individuals struggle with accomplishing.

You need to be realistic with your goals and expectations when starting an online business. Building a true foundation is meant to last for a long time.

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