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LGV Course Vs. Four Year College Degree.

$999.00 Logic Global Vision Business Pro Course Vs. $75,000.00 College Degree.

In this article we will compare apples to apples, a Business Pro Course by Logic Global Vision to a traditional College Degree. According to the data provided by Bureau of Labor Statistics, Current as of September 4, 2019 a student completing a Bachelor's degree can expect to earn an average income of $1,248 per week, while a Masters degree will put you in a weekly income bracket of $1,497. You can expect roughly 4-6 years to complete your college education and walk away with $50,000.00 - $100,000.00+ in debt that may take half of life time or more to pay off. Throughout those years while in college you may or may not have a side job that hardly pays minimum wage and along the way eventually pick up a internship.

Logic Global Vision, Business Pro course costs $999.00 and students have the option to either attend the live classes or learn the course in their own time. It takes roughly 14 days to study and understand the material in the Business Pro course, and in some cases 30 days or more. The course will teach you how to start an online business from the comfort of your home.

LGV Limousines, an online limousine service Dec 2019 Vs. Jan 2020 reported a revenue increase of 59.2606%. Jan Vs. Feb 2020, revenue has increased by 108.148% 2020 Revenue for Jan and Feb has been reported higher then the entire revenue for the entire 2019 year. Based on the numbers we have seen in the beginning of the month, LGV Limousines estimated growth can potentially exceed over 1000% in 2020 Vs. 2019.

Let’s talk numbers instead of percentages and paint a bigger picture on how successful an online business can be across the timeline of four years roughly the time it takes to complete a four year college degree.

If you solely run an online business by yourself, Mile Ivicic founder of LGV Limousines reported that he can do a maximum of roughly 10 reservations/sales per day. Some individuals will be able to accomplish more and some less depending on circumstances. These sales range anywhere from $100.00, to $1,000.00+ per day.

Based on four sales made on 1/22/2020 provided by LGV Limousines, Ivicic earned a $1,427.51 profit in just a single day from four reservations. Not revenue he stated, but profit. People often confuse the two. That’s estimated, $7,137.55 based on 5 working days per week. $5,899.55 more then what an average weekly income is reported to be for a Bachelor's degree graduate. By the time an individual graduates and begins their $1,248.00 per week average income, and individual running an online business can expect to have earned a whopping $1,484,610.40 assuming you choose to never grow your business and never hire any employees to grow your Company further, while a Bachelor degree graduate with tens of thousand of dollars in debt can earn, $259,584.00 an average in four years.

The reason why Ivicic has been successful in turning high profits per single sale is due to high cost per product sold. Limousine service isn’t cheap, and while someone selling a product for $10.00 has to make 429 sales, while Ivicic has earned the same amount of revenue with just 4 sales.

Logic Global Vision, Business Pro course can be applied to 100+ different business and each business will produce different results. A bike rental business, which an average charges $35.00 per sale, will not produce equal results as a limousine service which can cost over a thousand dollars per sale.

Sign up for a course today and don’t delay, because each day you do is the day you’ll never get back.

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