When it comes to luxury transportation, there’s simply nothing better than an LGV Limousine. Whether you need a ride from the airport or want to make an impression on your next big night out, we’re here for you 24/7/365 days a year.

Limo Rental Shofer

Professionally trained in proper etiquette to interact in a business professional manner at all times.
Professionals who take extra precision and caution to get our clients to their destination safely.
Confidentiality non-disclosure agreements are enforced for passenger privacy. 
All arrivals include 30 minutes of free wait time for domestic flights and 1 hour for international arrivals. 
We track and monitor all flights in case of any delays or early arrivals to ensure your Chauffeur is there.
With 100% on-time arrival our clients can be rest assured that we will get them to their destination on time.

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A chauffeur is someone hired to drive an automobile, particularly a luxury car like a limousine or mid-sized sedan. In the UK, chauffeurs are referred to as chauffeurs and in the US they are referred to as chauffeur cars. In some countries like Japan, they are called taxis. A chauffeur driving an automobile is referred to as a chauffeur driver. For the customers, a good chauffeur company will provide excellent customer service and competent chauffeurs. This is important since the safety of the passengers is of paramount importance. It would be difficult for any customer to determine if a chauffeur company is competent and honest without looking at its record. There are several things that customers should look out for in a reputable chauffeur company, especially before hiring their services.

The first thing to look out for is whether the chauffeur has undergone any formal training or not. A driver who has learnt on the job would obviously be more dependable than someone who has not. Many chauffeur companies also carry out training for their drivers and this is very important as it helps the driver to be more aware of the needs and requirements of the customers. If the driver has undergone proper training, he or she would be able to deal with situations with greater confidence and professionalism. Secondly, one should enquire about the type of automobile the chauffeur drives. A chauffeur should have the right sort of car for the journey as well as the experience to handle various kinds of vehicles. Most chauffeur companies offer different cars to their customers depending on the requirement of the customers. A chauffeur with a small car would be appropriate for short trips while a large sedan would be suitable if one wishes to go for a long journey. It is important for customers to enquire about this matter with different chauffeur companies so as to avail the best suitable car for their needs.

Thirdly, it is always important to inquire about the level of customer support offered by the chauffeur company. A company which has highly qualified and trustworthy chauffeurs will always provide customer support even if the trip is for a single customer or a group of customers. There are some chauffeur companies which do not guarantee their customers' satisfaction as such. In such cases it would be advisable to opt for a company whose policy of customer support is very clear and transparent. Customer service should be the number one priority if one plans to hire a luxury vehicle like a limousine and the chauffeur company which one approaches must be able to provide the customer with satisfactory levels of customer support.

Limousine Service Shofer

A shofer is an automobile term referring to a vehicle whose driver wears a special seatbelt called a "shoulder bag". A shofer is not to be confused with a "chauffeur" or" taxi driver". A chauffeur is someone employed by a private passenger car, particularly a high-end luxury car like a limousine or sedan. A female driving a private passenger vehicle is often a chauffeur. However, a shofer may also be the driver of a motor cycle; these are often referred to as "mopeds" in the UK. A shofer's job is very important; normally one driver, with an additional passenger, sits behind the main car and controls all the functions of the vehicle. In some rare cases, a shofer may control more than one vehicle at a time. The driver of a single-seater sports car will typically sit in the driver's seat behind the car in front of the driver. For high-end vehicles like Lamborghinis, Fords and Mercedes-Benzes, a driver and a passenger in the front seat will be required, while mid-range cars tend to have two passengers in the front seats. The job of a shofer is often very important, as it is responsible for making sure that everything runs smoothly, starting from engine start up to turning the vehicle off at the end of the journey. If there are any problems or complications during this time, the entire journey can be ruined. It is also the duty of the shofer to be "on call" in case any problems occur during the journey, so that the driver can take over immediately without delay.