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Mile Ivicic - Founder & CEO

Mr. Ivicic discovered the importance of education the day he found himself in a revolving circle. With over a decade in business experience, he started Logic Global Vision in mind to help individuals who are facing challenges overcoming the circle he once found himself in. 


We are fortunate to live in a century where information and knowledge are easily accessible, unfortunately most of the information we learn keeps us in this circle I was once in.


"While we think we are getting ahead, in reality, we are not"

"Whether it's in business or wellness I hope the information on our site shines a little light on your current journey called life" 

 Mile Ivicic



In 2008 Mile and his father started Euro Painting providing Commercial and Residential painting services.


In 2012 Ivicic Produced and Financed his first low budget full feature film which was later released in 2016.



In 2017 Ivicic launched LGV Travel. Phoenix, Arizona based travel agency providing custom luxury itineraries worldwide.


In 2009 Ivicic found Euro Cleaning, providing Commercial and Residential cleaning services.


In 2015 Ivicic found MilesLogic, a blog which achieved substantial growth and presence on Social Media. Blog was discontinued 2017.


In 2018 Ivicic launched LGV Limousines providing the largest fleet selection of luxury limousine service Nationwide.


W55 Transportation was found in 2009 and launched it's operations in 2010 providing luxury ground transportation services.


Ivicic found Luxour Rentals in 2016, offering a wide range of premium rental services based out of Phoenix, Arizona.


LGV Limousines has increased its sales by 679% in the first month of 2020, vs 2019.

Launch of Logic Global Vision.




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