Are Emotions Good Or Bad?

There are several reasons why you aren't where you want to be in life. One of them is emotions. Emotions are like a blindfold. The moment they appear in our life it's the moment we are blinded. 

In my life, this happened frequently and it took a huge impact in both professional and personal aspect. Is it a bad thing? It's not a bad thing as long as you're surrounded by the people who give you equal emotional support. 

Today people don't take the time to understand an individual. Sadly in my experience, most individuals also don't listen to what it's being said to them instead they listen to what they want to hear. 

When emotions get involved the logical process of thinking is gone. There are times we make decisions we are aware will impact negatively on us and in some cases onto another individual. Unfortunately, without logical thinking, we still act upon them. We hurt ourselves and in a long run, we hurt others, not intentionally. 

Professionals suggest that when we are experiencing emotional instability we should seek help from a friend and if it's out of balance to seek professional help. From my personal experience talking to other individuals in most cases makes those emotions abrupt even more and in some cases cause sadness that later turns into anger.

Your friends and family are there to give you full support, however, the only support they can offer is based on the image they obtain from you and in most cases it's one-sided. Not all, but "most" individuals will always tend to take your side, the whole "to make you feel better" type a thing. Is it really making you feel better in a long process? 

When I get emotional, sad or hurt I tend to keep my own. Depending on the type of a experience of emotions at that moment I will find a favorite place to go to usually. Find a mood and usually music helps. Cry it out for an hour if you must, and after that, I am sure you will feel much better. Since I live in Malibu, the go-to spot for me is the beach. We also have a studio in Hawthorne which is close to Manhattan Beach and in times when things get a little too much the beach is a 5-minute drive. Take the time you need. Breakdowns usually come from reminders of past emotional experience. 

Talking to others isn't always a solution. There are other alternatives we can deal with our emotional instability on our own. The world that surrounds us could be the answer to all our feelings. 

When Seeking Advice.

Who do you seek advice from? Have they them self-gone trough the experience you are presently experiencing? In most cases, the answer is "No". 

Professionals have read a lot of books and most of them have the book knowledge. Life isn't a book. Life is an experience. Keep in mind you are also their paycheck. The more sessions, the bigger the paycheck.

If you want someone to care for your emotions be the first person to start carrying for them, the rest will sort it's self out later.

In Recent Days.

Looking back on several years ago I have done an amazing job to keep my emotions more stable and in order. The experience and the knowledge over the years have truly helped me find balance when it comes to emotional instability. In life things take time, we just have to learn to be a little patient with our self. 

Disclaimer: This article is not to be used as a legal, professional or personal advice. What has worked for me will "not" necessarily work for you. You are in charge of your own life, choices and, decisions you make. For more details please see Terms & Conditions of this blog.