Educated Fool!

I have lived among several different cultures, in several different countries. There are times when I feel that I've lived in and out of this world several times. There were times when I was absent from the reality, and times when I lived someones else's life or perhaps tried to re-align my life to meet their expectations. What would society full of opinion call this? Instability? No! It's called being human, unique to experience. 

This world is fuc*ed, and I will explain how. The society, and when I speak about society I refer to the elite class (banks, corporations, governments,) etc; has these set expectations for "you".

Let's start with banks. The banks, associated with credit institutions expect you to have no flaws. They expect you to have a perfect credit. In order to build your credit, they will dive you with a highest possible interest rate, rip a bit of money out of you as a downpayment to prevent you from a security to grow and prep you well for a failure to pay.  Now with the brand new car, you soon realise you actually didn't even get the car you wanted, but the car that dealer wanted to push out of the lot due to inventory change, making you believe that you got some sort of an awesome deal and the car you wanted. Don't worry, those 12 months of "on time" payments, you'll soon realize that you are one payment away from wrecking your credit history, and in most cases, it will happen. 

Now, that you missed a payment, it will be held over your head for years to come, giving them an excuse to continue charging you high-interest rate. No credit, too much credit, not enough credit, I heard it all. This didn't change yesterday, it won't change today and it will still be here tomorrow. 

Education and Corporations. 

You are an educated fool, who is in debt for more than half of your life to come, and this knowledge you have, most likely 80% of it doesn't even pertain to what you actually need. Before you know it, you're an Airline Pilot with 100K in educational debt working for shy of the minimum wage as a Co-Pilot for a regional airline. Great Success!


Let's take a look at a hospitality degree. You can spend 4 year's and 10's of thousands of dollars on education and guess what? You'll still in most cases start working as a front desk person making couple dollars over minimum wage if you're lucky. However, that same person that began working in front desk (high school dropout), while you're attending 4 years, hospitality education is 2 steps ahead of you. Even tho you might have education, remember what all corporations say, "you don't have the experience". Why did you just spend four (4) years educating your self? To learn to greet customers? To check them in? To turn over a room? A monkey with enough training can do that job. That (high school dropout), by now four (4), years later is most likely in a management position, due to his ability to prove himself in a Company. 

I believe that 90% or more employment positions don't require education, but instead experience. The (high school) dropout who got a job who started working in a front desk position of a hotel is getting paid, receiving experience and moving up the ladder while the individual who is attending a 4 year degree is building up debt, not getting paid and in most cases will began their job position where a (high school) dropout started once. 

Each and every day you're brainwashed, and the sad part is most people fall for it. I was once one of those people too. An educated fool.