Today, most people are opinionated, however, most of those opinions aren't facts.  

The one sentence that is used on a frequent basis by people is a "loser". Now I know for a fact that more than 90% of individuals don't know the proper definition of a loser, however for some reason today people use the word "loser" to define the individual that lacks materialistic things. 

Now, the definition it's self is associated and it can be used in multiple different forms of a conversation, however, one of those conversations isn't to define an individuals achievement of materialistic things. 


Failure is common in today's society. In most cases, an individual that is called a loser is either by a person who fails frequently or is generally unsuccessful in life. 

Most of the people don't know what other individuals' life is consisting of and what challenges they face in life and for that does not make them less fortunate and nevertheless a loser. 


Success does not amount to how much you have in the form of metal, plastic or any other form of material. People who talk about how "money" brings happiness are the people who have never been truly happy and also the newcomers who somehow came across more fortune than most, and presently are simply lost among unfulfilled desires. 

What is real money?

By definition, each individuals perspective on this subject varies. Some believe earning a 100K per year is fortune while others aren't satisfied with 50M, per year. 

From my perspective, unless you've earned 100M + in the present lifespan, I don't believe that you're qualified to "teach" individuals of success. To those who are fortunate to reach 100M+ these individuals don't have the time nor the need to talk about it, and if they do they are more than likely to teach you wrong information, because who wants competition? 

The purpose of this blog post.

There is a lot of broken people in today's world for a variety of reason. Your cruel words you use. could be their potential trigger ending to a life they know and desire. 

For those who are judged by others, next time this occurrence takes place, just ask your self this question. What have these individuals done with their lives to find peace, true joy and happiness?

If your answer is, "well", they have a business, or they have more money, stability and a job, just remember "money" defines a lifestyle not happiness. If the individuals are throwing down your throat a status of greater happiness by "money" in a form of being better than you, then in essence that individual is "arrogant", who is lost deep down inside and is a slave to the present system.

Individual as such aren't leaders in this world because a leader doesn't follow, and just because they run a "small business" of any form does not make them a leader and let's face it, anyone can go to the city hall, obtain a DBA and exchange goods in the trade market. 

Be kind to people, it will go a long way, unless you prefer being remembered as an arrogant as*hole, which looking back on history I don't see those used as a sample for our future generation of children.