Most Educated Fool I Have Ever Met

Updated: Apr 25, 2020

Degree upon a degree, yet he's stuck. 

Young gentlemen I recently had a chance to meet and talk to in YouTube Space this week. He is creative.  However, there is a problem. He's stuck.

He's a great content builder. He enjoys doing what he does with passion, and let me tell you, he's good at it. However, after a brief conversation, I learned the reason why he isn't moving ahead. 

Unwilling To Learn

Some people produce YouTube content for fun, while other talented individuals pursue it as a business in hopes to earn additional revenue to support their lifestyle, or rather make a career and a full-time income from it. 

In our conversation, I saw talent and the ambition. I saw the goal. However, he reached a maximum ability to learn. His content as I previously mentioned was amazing, however, the audience isn't there. Why? 

Why does garbage on social media go viral and good things get brushed off to the side? 

Advertising And Marketing

After a short conversation and briefly explaining as to what I do, one of the topics that I covered was advertising and marketing in my business and, his response to advertising and marketing was "It's stupid and a waste of both time and money". 

"You can have the best product in the world, however without proper execution strategy to place that product on the market, you simply don't have a product"

He believes that advertising and marketing is a waste of time and money and audience more over time will just come. The internet market is over saturated with content. Getting noticed on social media is merely rocket science. 

There Is Always Hope

Over time his willingness to learn may increase. However, before he is able to continue to learn he will have to be willing to accept change. One of those changes is stepping a foot into the marketing world. 


Why did I use the term stupid in the title? This person is smart "book smarts", yet he's stupid. However, he is not stupid. Confused yet? It's his ability to learn that has presently stopped him from growing, due to him being unable to understand and to question further things in life that revolve around pushing his content. 

Having a degree can turn peoples "ego" into "I know it all". It's that ego that prevents you from further growing.