Surround Yourself By The People Who Have What You Want

Not everyone wants to be rich. Not everyone wants to be an entrepreneur, and not everyone wants to have a family. People are different and they all want different things. However, if you do want certain ways of life or certain things in the life of which you don't have, it is important to surround your self by the people who have, what you desire to have in your life. I thought after I became an airline pilot that it was going to be a career I choose for rest of my life, however due to circumstances in life that quicky changed. 


Some people however justify and lead them self to believe that they can't have what they truly want and settle for what they have. That is a common mistake I see a lot. You can blame the city you live in or the childhood you grew up in, the government, or a dozen of other reasons people use as a reason they can't achieve what they want. 


It all begins with your thoughts, not education and not hard work. If you can think of it, you can have it. I didn't believe in this, it sounded like a tall order, but its true. I don't have all the knowledge in the world, I still have yet to learn more, however not a day goes by that I don't spend it seeking to learn something new. There are gaps in life where I slow down, sometimes stop and sometimes backtrack in life and that's O.K. its what makes us human. Most people don't truly know what they want because most of their life they are brainwashed by media and other people telling them what they want. It is important to sit down with your self and really think about what you truly want in life, and what really makes you happy first, and it is also important to be very specific with those wants. 

People In Your Life

Who are the people in your life? This is the part where a lot of people disagree with me, and it's part of the reason why they will never achieve what they truly desire in life. Part of the reason why you aren't where you are in your life is due to a fact of the people that surround you. 

Example: Charli is 35 and he is mad at the world. He works a day job, five days a week, making little under 50K, per year, and most of his friends are co-workers and people within his earning bracket. Charli, however, wants to be rich. He wants a nice big house, couple million dollars per year, and a few nice cars. His routine consist of 9-5, Monday - Friday, on the weekends he spends time entertaining with his friends and during the week after work, he watches his favorite TV shows. You really think Charli will ever achieve his goal? The only person Charli should be mad at is himself, due to a fact that he is doing absolutely nothing with his life other than hoping for a miracle to happen. 

You have patterns that are hard to break. You are surrounded by people who them self never made a million dollars. You don't read, advance nor do you learn anything new Charli, because you believe your bachelor degree is all the knowledge you'll ever need. The diploma is just a piece of paper with common knowledge, don't forget that. 

I am not suggesting to not talk to your friends, and your co-workers, however, limit the time you are spending with them and focus on yourself and your growth. Don't worry, those friends will all be there, especially one day when you invite them to a cocktail party in your Beverly Hills, mansion, with round-trip airfare included.

You might not have the access to spend an evening with some of the most successful people in the world and you don't need to. Why? You can surround yourself with people who want what you want and who are ambitious to learn, explore, try and risk new things in life.

The simple point is, you have options and the moment you stop making excuses and start making changes, is the moment you will see ​true progressive changes.