The power we all hold and most never use. The more the society pushes us to be "normal" the more we lose the sight of ourselves. 

"People who don't read will successfully stay dumb"

Can a man have any woman he wants? Can a woman have any man she wants? The answer is, Yes. Sounds like a tall order I know, but it's true. The power of seduction begins with you. If an individual walks into a battle with one of these two attitudes, he/she will fail. He/She is out of my league, or the arrogant type, "I can have anyone I want".

This tag, seduction will focus on covering a wide range of topics on how to truly get anything you want in life by seduction. Seduction isn't the only puzzle of achieving true desire and what we want, however it is an important peace. 

It Begins With You.

You hold the power. The power to change and in order to achieve such tasks in life, you must be willing to accept change. The man or a woman who refuse to accept change will not succeed. Most people view change as bad. Change is good. The change comes with learning and the one who doesn't learn will forever stay a fool. This is not a concept or a theory, it's a proven fact for decades and I am one of the living proofs of it. 

All you need is within you. You don't need motivational seminars nor a how-to-guide. The thoughts are with you, however, most people simply refuse to accept those thoughts and accept change. You must accept you, the true self within you and what surrounds you. As you live your life, there are certain things you can't see in your life. The smell of perfume you cannot see. These are invisible things, however, you believe that the things you can't see do exist, and you do not try to understand as to why. These invisible are not a bizarre concept to you because you accept it due to a reality of it you live within. The power of your mind affects your daily life. People can't accept the idea of, "you get what you ask for". 

Your mind will give you what you want trough events and thoughts within you. You must accept this because it's a law, just as you accept the law of gravity. 


Before mastering any technique in life, we must have the ability to understand the basics. In order to drive a car, you do not need to understand how the car fully works such as engine and other parts of the car. I drive a car daily, and mechanics of it are not important to me in order to enjoy the ability to drive. Who cares how the car works? Just drive the damn thing. 

People spend to much time trying to understand things that are irrelevant and are of no importance to them. Such example of driving a car. 

The Map.

If you desire to draw out each street of your city there are several ways these tasks can be accomplished. You can do it by walking through an each street, or perhaps for quicker results you can take a bike, a car or a train. For a, even more, faster result a person can take an areal graphic of the city by taking up a plane. The result will be the same, one simply faster than the other. Understanding the techniques. Mind and Power of techniques, and if you understand the power of a mind, you will achieve faster results by using your vision, however it begins with you. 


The society wants us to be normal. To imagine is forbidden. If you see a house you know it's real. You can touch it.

That House.

If you trace back the history of this house, you will understand that the beginning of this house has begun with someone's thoughts. Everything around you works this way. Take a look at your life around you and everything you have so far accomplished. It is only your thoughts that create the reality that surrounds you. 

Most people want millions, yet very few get it.

There are dozens of reasons individuals are prevented from achieving such goal, however, few to mention start with two sub-chapters I mentioned, "the map, and the basics". Now, most people will focus on the part I wrote the last quoted statement out of order as first basics did come before the map, and it's irrelevant focus, your mind focuses on, due to a fact that either way I have written it, you understand it. Why are you then focused on the way it's written? Irrelevant thoughts. The other individuals who did not notice, which is also a problem due to a fact that information you are reading is not sinking in.

Spending time and energy on focusing on irrelevant things that simply make no difference, same as to how the car works concept is what is preventing you from achieving a true desire. Seduction and it's power works with everything and it is an important key concept to truly master and achieve the true desire. 


For those who reached this far in this article might be wondering, when is he going to get to the real stuff. This is the real stuff. You may believe you understand the basics, and if so, then why isn't your life changing. Your life can truly begin to change immediately by your thoughts. You have no patience to wait, yet your life depending on your age had, twenty, thirty years to build a pattern in life that makes you unhappy? Now you don't have hours, days and are seeking the answer to something and expect to change a patter you build over the years. Unrealistic and foolish and you will continue at this rate and never achieve your desire, due to a fact of your pattern. 


When two men put in the same environment and with the same desire, one man achieves his desires while another fails. It's a proof that the environment and other things you blame your failures on are irrelevant. The better environment does, however, provide more desirable thoughts, however, that does not guarantee greater success. 

Don't focus on success or failure. Just go out there and do something. The plan will come and no matter how perfect your plan is, the mistakes will occur. 

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Don't forget, it begins with your thoughts. Master them first.