Some people continue to do what they can't do yet expect to succeed.

The issue of why most people never get past the idea of starting a business is because they are focused on doing what they can't do and what they don't know how to do.

Jim has a great job and an astonishing reputation. After 20+ years of working for a large firm, Jim was slowly working on his side project to escape the nine to five grind. This side project he was working on has been work in progress for over five years now. Jim has a great concept, but the fear of execution has the best of him. Jim has a family, a decent size home, a couple of cars and two kids who are a few years shy of college. The issue with Jim is that he is a hands-on type of person, as he is so good at his job, he would never trust someone to work on his projects but himself. The fear of letting go and trusting someone to run his business for him has kept Jim trapped with his nine to five job.

Elizabeth who was a successful woman, a college graduate who had some money saved up and was able to quit her job to focus full time on building her business. She was on to something great. She picked up a side hustle, a job for a ride-share company to make some extra money on the side. As several months have gone by, Elizabeth has built a great concept, however, she was struggling with engineering and technology aspects of the business.

Several months ago Elizabeth took it upon her self to learn the ropes of engineering and development on her own, without realizing how difficult and complicated it actually is, not to mention time-consuming. After a few months have gone by Elizabeth exhausted most of her savings, and now was in a position to not be able to hire an expert and not have enough money to continue learning the subjects.

As you can see in these two scenarios both Jim and Elizabeth have an issue that they need to overcome.

The issue is that we all have patterns built-in. These patterns are difficult to break. Jim has an issue with control and so does Elizabeth. Even tho, both of their situations are different, if you look closely you will realize that the situation leads to the same outcome, and the outcome for both of them leads to no result. Jim is still working his nine to five job, and Elizabeth is close to moving in back to living with her parents, or asking for her old job back.

They were both unwilling to take the risk and a leap of faith.

From a young age we learn that having a job is security, even tho we can lose that job from one day to another. After a decade of being trained for the future nine to five jobs of course that is printed into our DNA.

How do we break this cycle? What can we do? Each individual circumstance is different, however, if you'd like to learn the changes I've made in breaking the vicious circle and the experience of others click here.