You don't need to be an engineer to start a tech business.

When I first began structuring LGV Limousines in 2017, I was in the limo business. It took me over a year to realize that I was actually in the tech business. Unconsciously I was building a tech Company without even knowing it.

I had no educational background in technology. Coding? What is that? App development? Forget about it.

The journey of LGV Limousines actually began in 2010 which at the time was W55 Transportation, based out of Tonawanda, New York. "Luxury For A Price Of A Cab". That was the vision behind W55 Transportation. W55 Transportation was a DBA (Doing Business As), since at the time I really didn't know what exactly a corporation is.

LGV Limousines became everything I had a vision for. We are a one-stop-shop for all limousine services. Rather it's a sedan for an airport transfer, a stretch limousine for a wedding, party bus for a large group, even a motor coach, today we have it all.

Sounds impossible right? Especially with as little as 246.00 dollars, and to add more to the injury a bad credit. Forget about credit cards, loans, and investments. In the eyes of bankers and creditors I was a high risk and for investors an unstable individual. Let me put it to you this way. My credit was so bad that I even got declined for a secured credit card. How is that even possible? At that point, I had two options. Give up or move forward. I've decided to move forward with my vision.

When you think tech business what comes to mind? Hundreds of Thousands of Dollars, just to start right? I would have thought the same, however, I was not focused on building a tech business, I was simply just building a business.

"Looking back on several years now, I strongly believe that if I was aiming to start a tech business, there would be no LGV Limousines, today".

By 2017 and several companies I built in previous years, I was more familiar with incorporating and business structures. I understood the difference between an LLC and a Corporation S. I outgrew the DBA phase.

In between having a full-time job, and building a business, I began to find very little time to have a personal life. No social life soon became the new norm.

The first step was to research the competition and the demand. What was my determination? According to the data I have obtained I have discovered that there are too many operators, which equals too much competition, not to mention the rise of rideshare companies. This research had red flags written all over it. This is a good time to quit, right?

With having ten years of previous experience in all three industries, taxi, rideshare, and limousine service I understood the things each individual industry was lacking in. Despite the negative data, LGV Limousines vision has become more clear to me.

Obviously with a bad credit and 246.00 dollars you can't buy a fleet. Perhaps you can buy a wheel and a tire? Thankfully we live in a generation where today, you can have access to just about everything with a click of a button. The red flags soon became more clear to me and I realized that too much competition and the rise of rideshare companies are actually all to my benefit.

I am sure you are familiar with food delivery giants, rideshare companies, and some of you with jet cards. Their internal operating systems, have a wide range of similarities. They are middlemen. LGV Limousines is just that, but better. The one thing I learned in business is that quality will bring quantity. The mistake a lot of businesses make is they focus on volume right from the start. I didn't have that luxury to do that which was to my benefit. I didn't have the capital, loans, and investments, and I simply couldn't afford to risk a bad review.

Over the course of 6 months, I was building my affiliate network, a website, and structuring all the peaces of the puzzle needed to build the vision I had.

After 6 months have passed, I had a Corporation in place, a website, and a small network of affiliates in a few major cities. There was just a small piece of the puzzle I was missing. An online booking system.

Since limousine service never really evolved in the technology aspect of the business that was the most difficult task to accomplish. While searching for a cheap alternative that I could afford to have an online booking system the phone began to ring and people started to inquire about quotes and reservations.

I came across several booking systems for a limousine service, and after multiple software and free trials, none of them made the cut. Soon I began to grow impatient and frustrated. Finally, I found one. It wasn't perfect but it got the job done. I was able to manage dispatch, reservations, and accounting all in one place. It made running the business easier, however, I noticed a change after implementing an online booking system on to the website. Since I applied the online booking system the traffic on the website, grew, however, I began to have fewer reservations and phone calls. After an endless search, I thought that an online booking system would help my business grow even faster. I was wrong.

After several months of analyses, I have finally learned as to why the online booking system was a great and not a great fit for my business. I had to make some changes.

Few months have gone by now, and LGV Limousines began to grow across the US, Miami, Chicago, Los Angeles, San Francisco, and shortly after I began to see a demand in Canada.

by Mile Ivicic