The Ultimate Revelation Of Never Giving Up.

Words are seamless and they are meaningless. On that note don't worry what others do, say or think. Focus on the one person that matters which is you. Remember you get this one life and you won't get a second one. 

People who don't fall, people who don't have a world crashing down on them aren't doing shi* with their life. That's right nothing. They are living, day by day with their little mini vacations once a year, a Friday get-together.

Do you want your life to change? It's a simple math. If you had right now a $100.00 to your name and I told you in six (6) months you can own a private jet, what would your response to me be? Most people would laugh. You understand now why most people don't have one? The one who believes will go the extra length and believe he can have it. It doesn't matter how you obtain the private jet, the point is having an access to one, which is a start. Private Jet, may not be something you desire in life, however, it's just an example. 

When I went to a pilot school everyone laughed at me and said I won't make it. When I started my first business, everyone told me to get a "real job". That's right. Get a "real job" and keep making someone else rich. 

The joy of money isn't money, and as long as you chase money, you'll never have any. The joy is freedom and the power that comes with it. Once you understand that the fear part and comfort will slowly fade away, which are two things that paralyze most people. 

A person wants a better car, however, he won't risk of losing the present car. He wants to keep the current car and slowly work his way up to a better car. The concept to this is similar to being stuck on a freeway while there are 10 exits open, leading a faster way, yet you don't want to exit and you stay in this slow traffic because you don't want to risk of getting lost, which can cause even more of a delay then the slow-moving freeway. 


I made so many I lost count. From relationships, career paths, businesses, and the list can go on. You would be amazed however by how much knowledge those mistakes have taught me. There are people who live a steady flow life, making six figures a year, and live in their perfect little bubble. That's O.K. it's their life and they have every right to be happy, however, these are the same people who will put you down, judge you and talk shi* about you, yet pretend to smile to your face when they see you. Remove your self from such people, I don't care who they are and how important you may think they are to you, just remember the only important person in this world that matters is you.

Let Go. 

This is hard. I know. Record your thoughts, wants, and dreams and play them each time you are in doubt, even if it takes daily. You can find alternatives to just about anything. Today, I was talking to a journalist who is from Spain, who traveled entire South America for 3 months with a backpack. Just imagine the freedom. Everything in your life is within reach, and yes, you too can have a Ferrari.

I was asked today, what is one of the things I wished I had. You know what my answer was? I wish I had an faster access to more knowledge. Truthfully that is not the response I would give several years ago. 

Stop Listening To Wrong People.

This is a big one. Don't let people who never had kids, teach you how to raise kids. Don't let people who never risked anything in life, teach you how to become successful. Don't let some blogger who makes $1.00 per day teach you how to make $100.000 with a blog. Stop learning other peoples theories and start building your dreams. 

I write because it helps me reflect back on certain things in life. Little over a year ago my blog on WordPress got recognized by several readers who motivated me to share my blog publically. I usually share about 5% of my life, due to commitments, contracts and a lot of different reasons and most of all privacy, however, I do try my best to share as much as I can, and I hope these small waves of peace of me, help make a puzzle within you.