The Hidden Agenda Of Truth Or Lies.

We don't talk anymore. We text. The purpose of a text was meant for a quick note. Now we waste hours of our daily life texting messages that could be put in words across the span of 5 minutes or less per day. We must use emoji to show an expression of happiness. What a fake smile. 

All the motivation and knowledge you need surrounds you, yet you spend your entire life seeking answers on YouTube "University", where most people sell a theory, not the actual experience. 


You sit on dating websites buying coins in order to engage with someone who is too far out of reach. Take for instance a very attractive girl who will match with 99% of prospects on the web. The chance of her talking to you? The chances of her knowing what she even wants? Slim to none. Yet, you continue to spend your hard earned money on feeding the beast instead of living your life. 


When was the last time you actually did something fun? When I say fun, I mean put the phone away instead of snapping pictures to impress your friends about what an amazing life you have. You don't even remember how that landscape you went to look like because you never looked at it. Your lens on your phone did. 

You are meant to live, so stop pretending to be a photographer. Let the professionals who get paid 70K per year do that.


Would you like me to teach you how to make $100,000.00 in 6 months blogging? I won't, because I don't know how, and don't think just because one person did it out of seven (7), billion plus people on this planet that you will too. The ones teaching you to do this are selling you most likely a theory, because, they, them self-likely have never achieved that goal. 

There are however all these individuals and companies who sell you this whole, "I will optimize your website", and bring you 500K unique audience.  However, in order to accomplish such task, it will cost "X", amount of money. They are confident in what they are selling you right? Great! How about this? Next time you're in this situation offer them 50% of revenue earned on your site due to them increasing your traffic and see what their response will be. If I was confident I can accomplish such task I would jump right on board. Why? Well, 500K unique visitors to a website are good money, my friend, and I would love to have a 50% cut of it. 

There is no get rich quick scheme shortcut, however, there is a way. 

Did you know that if your credit isn't perfect you can still get a car loan without a co-signer and a massive downpayment? But how? Right time and a right place play a big role here, however, this isn't important and we can talk about this some other time. 

What Is Important?

Everything that you need is within your reach. The motivation and the knowledge you need is within you. The reason you aren't obtaining is due to your distractions.

The second cause of you not achieving what you want is a comfort. You are comfortable and, safe. 

Ask your self what you truly want and be sure to be specific, then begin on building a foundation toward that goal.