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What is self improvement? 

Self improvement is a broad concept that encompasses a variety of things from personal growth and development to personal satisfaction. Personal growth and development include personal growth in one's career, socially and personally, for the betterment of a self and/or family, and to aid in self-understanding and acceptance by others. Personal improvement usually focuses on the individual and his or her personal attributes. Personal development includes activities that build a person's abilities and potential, develop human capital, facilitate employment, improve quality of life, and facilitate realization of personal dreams and aspirations. Personal growth and development can take place over an individuals entire life.

Personal Growth

When we speak of personal growth and development we generally envision personal growth and development in terms of personal growth courses, such as seminars, workshop, or counseling. However self-improvement can also take the form of personal growth and development programs such as self-improvement videos, self improvement books, self improvement audio books or even self improvement MP3s. The overall purpose of personal growth and development is for the individual to become more self-confident so as to achieve personal growth and development. This can also be applied to personal sports programs to enable the individual to be more active and to excel at the sport or activity.

Personal Development.

One might also say that personal development is an aspect of personal growth and development. This is because personal growth and development article focus on the process of improving oneself, a person. Some other articles may consider self-improvement as something linked to personal growth and development, but personal development article generally takes a more specific and broader stance when it comes to self-improvement. Regardless of the various types of personal growth and development article, what remains constant is that self-improvement is a process. It can never be done, unless we are willing to make a conscious effort, but there are many tools to help accelerate self-improvement, which include self improvement videos, self improvement books, self improvement audio books or self-improvement programs.

Finding Motivation When Feeling Depressed

Finding motivation is a very tough job. It is not as easy as one may think to remain motivated when the going is tough, especially in life. Motivation is needed for success and to stay motivated at all times. Motivational books such as Tony Robbins' 'The Long-Term Goals' and Michael Jordan's 'The Book of Motivational Sources' can be great motivational tools to have around. It is also a good idea to listen to motivational speakers, as they can really motivate you to work towards your goals.

Finding motivation can be tough when there are many factors that play into it. Depression is a very powerful factor and for those with low self esteem it is even harder. Low self esteem can be caused by anything, from not having good social skills to feeling depressed most of the time. Low motivation can also be caused by lack of good psychological therapy or even physical activity may help.

Finding motivation should be an ongoing process for those who wish to stay motivated and be successful. It can be difficult to find the motivation to set goals and stay motivated. Self-development books and psychologists can be great resources for finding motivation. It is not always easy to achieve your goals but with the right combination of the three mentioned above, finding motivation should become easier.