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by Mile Ivicic - Founder: LGV Limo

Worldwide Online Limousine Service

Mile Ivicic, Founder of LGVLIMO.COM an Online Home Based Business he started in with $246.00


Apply the System in this Course to over 100 different Online Businesses.

Apply the System in this Course to over 100 different Online Businesses.


Once you complete this course you will be ready to start your home-based business with as little as 246.00 USD. It's a dream that most dream of, and very few achieve. With this online course, you will have everything needed to start your home-based business with a 90-day money-back guarantee*. Terms apply

Casual Business Meeting

Path To Success.

Your success equals my success. I don't succeed when you purchase this course. I succeed the day you make your first sale running your own home-based business, and reach out to me to say, Thank You.

Founder - Mile Ivicic

You will not be left in the dark. 

I am certain that most of you will have questions. Upon purchasing this course you will have our direct student contact information and we are here to answer any questions you may have, along the way.  In addition, you will have access to our FAQ, section updated frequently to answer most questions. 

The work you put in will be the output of the results you produce.

I built this course in mind that you've never done this before. The best approach for this training is to think of it as training for a job. The Company you will work for will give you all the tools and knowledge in order to complete your daily tasks at work successfully. This course is exactly that, however, unlike a job, you are in control of your own income, work schedule, and the speed you grow. 

This is not for everyone. If you are looking to cut corners, expect some unrealistic results overnight, or perhaps have this idea that in 24 hours, you will make a million dollars, I would recommend playing the lottery, and return to this course when you are ready to start your work from home business.


"Don't expect to start as an Employee on Monday, and be a CEO by Tuesday." 

How much money can I expect to make?

As you're about to get hired by an employer; you are offered a salary. It's set in stone with some room for negotiation. 

Same applies here, except running a home-based business you are in control of the negotiation your own salary, and how much you make solely depending on the time and effort you put in. 




$569.97 avg/daily

approx 10/min - 45/min daily*

*Gross profit = Revenue - Cost of Goods Sold

*Time to complete a sale may vary




$1,789.90 avg/daily

approx 3/hr - 7/hr daily*

*Gross profit = Revenue - Cost of Goods Sold

*Time to complete a sale may vary

Business Course PRO

Everything you need to launch a home-based business from start to finish.

Length: 5 hours, 26 min

Lessons: 19


$246.00 USD

  • Introduction - Brief introduction to the course by Mile Ivicic, founder of LGVLIMO.COM

  • Incorporate - Incorporate your business and protect your assets.

  • System - Full system on how to operate your home-based business.

  • Branding - The importance of building a brand around your online business.

  • Start-up Expenses - Total cost breakdown associated with launching your Online Business

  • Web Development - How to build a polished storefront (website) to increase your chance of converting visitors into customers.

  • Products and Services - How to decide what products and services to sell.

  • Online Advertising - How to set up various online advertising platforms to reach customers + Google Ads Setup walkthrough.

  • Sales - How to master the skills of becoming good in sales.

  • Customers - Steps to take on reaching new customers.

  • Contractors - Locate contractors to complete the jobs for your clients.

  • Operations - Establishing day to day operations for your online business.

  • Revenue - Financial Management

  • Insurance - Protect your business and your client. 

  • Payments - Best solutions to process payments from your customers.

  • Business Plan - The importance of a business plan, when to draft one, and key information needed for a business plan.

  • Sample Online Business Ideas - For those who are looking to be inspired by ideas.

  • Policy - Information about Terms & Conditions and Privacy Policy for your online business.

  • Closing - Closing of the course.





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